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Thanks for your interest in our site. We’re striving to continue building the best recruitment agency directory in Canada, and we’d love to add your business on the site.

Our website is the most popular independent directory in Canada, which is visited by job seekers frequently. Many of these people eventually contact the recruiters we’ve listed for employment opportunities and the recruiters take advantage of this because it creates a win/win for them and the job seeker since they can fill their job positions faster.


Targeting Your Potential Clients

We’ve created 2 sections on the site that you can use to target the type of candidates you want. (Recruitment Agencies By Location and Employment By Industry). These sections are equally effective and we recommend adding your agency to both of them for maximum results.

The “Recruitment Agencies By Location” section allows you to target people by geographical locations. This is powerful because it discovers people interested in finding jobs near your location. We recommend targeting your office location because it will give you qualified traffic that will convert easier for you.

The “Employment By Industry” section allows you to target people by your speciality. For instance, if your main focus is the “medical” industry…we strongly recommend selecting that speciality because job seekers interested in finding employment in the medical field will contact you.

As mentioned earlier…using a combination of both of these marketing tools (geographical location & industry speciality) will produce maximum results for your agency. However, you can choose to target one of these sections if you prefer.


Pricing For Inclusion In The Directory

In order to maintain the quality and integrity of the site, we ask for a ONE TIME payment of $100 (plus HST) for each section of the site. In other words, it’s only $100 to target job seekers by location and it’s $100 to target clients by your industry speciality.

We often have recruiters ask us why we charge so little because they would gladly pay double based on the value and results we’ve given then. We love hearing this of course….but for now, we’re focused on making our listings as affordable as possible so we can give job seekers more choices. We might however, decided to change the price in the near future.




Submission FAQ’s

If I have multiple office locations and I’d like to submit all of them, can I do it?

>> Yes, you can submit multiple locations but you have to do them one at a time. The cost for each location submission is $100 (plus HST). Submit your locations here. However, if you have more than 5 locations and you’d like to submit them all please contact us for info on our discounted rates.


If I have multiple industry specialities and I’d like to submit all of them, can I do it?

>> Yes, you can submit multiple industry specialities but you have to do them one at a time. The cost for each speciality submission is $100 (plus HST). Submit your industry specialities here.